A fully configurable System on Chip design suitable for secure elements, smart cards, and embedded security chips.
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A Cryptographic SDK for mobile and server technologies that can protect sensitive information, identities, and cybersecurity infrastructures.
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A toolkit for messaging platforms and apps to ensure the privacy and long-lasting confidentiality of sensitive data.
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Setting the Standards

Our world-class researchers and engineers are co-authors of multiple finalist algorithms within the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardisation Process, which aims to define standards for the next generation of public-key cryptography

Defining post-quantum cryptography, leading projects for the Crypto Task Group at RISC-V (e.g. TRNG, AES-ISE, etc.) and contributing to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)that’s how familiar we are with cryptography standards, and that’s how extensive our expertise is in the quantum-safe cryptography solutions domain.

We are creating the global standards and core technologies to power the security layer of the world’s leading organisations.




Market Ready Solutions


The retrospective potential of any quantum attack means historic financial, health and trade secrets are at risk in the future. But they don’t need to be.
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Thousands of IoT devices are deployed every day, carrying sensitive data about us and our devices. We can ensure your PKI infrastructure is made ready.
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Long-lifecycle products like cars and industrial equipment that are designed today need to comply with both current and upcoming cryptography standards. We’ll help you build in security by design.
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