Modular hardware‐software co-designs delivering post‐quantum security, co-processing and side channel protection.
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FIPS 140-3 ready modular cryptographic libraries, APIs and SDKs delivering post-quantum security and hybrid transition.
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Setting the standards at NIST, RISC-V, IETF, Global Platform, World Economic Forum and many more platforms beyond.
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We have set the standards

PQShield is a world leader in the development of new cryptography standards. Our researchers and advisory board contributed to all of the first international PQC NIST standards announced in July 2022.  In fact you can hear from some of our standards-defining team directly here.

Team PQShield have also led multiple projects for RISC‐V (e.g. TRNG, AES‐ISE, etc.) and contributed to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), GlobalPlatform and World Economic Forum (WEF) to name but a few.

PQShield is the only cybersecurity company that can demonstrate quantum‐safe cryptography on chips, in applications, and in the cloud ‐ our PQC-ready products are already in the hands of progressive large customers such as Microchip, Collins Aerospace and Bosch.




Headquartered in the UK, with teams in the United States, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Japan, our expert team is made up of many world class researchers, mathematicians and engineers – giving us the highest concentration of cryptography experts in the industry. Check out the team’s latest post-quantum cryptography and security insights.

Market Ready Solutions

Defence & Infrastructure

The retrospective potential of any quantum attack means historic military, government, financial, health and trade secrets / operations are at risk in the future. But they don’t need to be.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Thousands of IoT devices are deployed every day, carrying sensitive data about us and our devices. We can ensure your PKI infrastructure is made ready.
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OEM & Industrial

Long-lifecycle products like cars and industrial equipment that are designed today need to comply with both current and upcoming cryptography standards. We’ll help you build in security by design.
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