Leadership & Operations

Dr Ali El Kaafarani
Founder & CEO
Ben Packman
SVP Strategy
Alan Grau
VP Sales & Business Development
Michael Vroobel
VP Operations
Graeme Hickey
Senior Director Hardware Engineering
Béatrice Shelley
People Operations Manager
Joni Searle
Head of Finance
Elvira Carasol
Executive Assistant & People Ops
Vincent Taylor
Compliance Manager
Freddie Hudson
Sales Director - Government & Defense Sectors
Dave Butcher
Pre-Sales Solution Architect (US)


Prof Chris Peikert
Prof Peter Schwabe
Prof Artur Ekert

Our Technical Team

Dr Thomas Prest
Lead Cryptography Researcher
Dr Markku Saarinen
Staff Cryptography Architect
Kris Kwiatkowski
Staff Cryptography Architect
Dr Luke Mather
Principal Cryptography Software Engineer
Oussama Danba
Cryptography Engineer
Dr Rafael del Pino
Senior Cryptography Researcher
Dr Pedro Massolino
Senior Cryptography Hardware Engineer
Dr Shuichi Katsumata
Cryptography Research Consultant
Ben Marshall
Lead Cryptography Hardware Engineer
Dr Federico Pintore
Cryptography Research Consultant
Dr Daniel Page
Hardware Cryptography Engineering Consultant
San Chi-Leung
Senior Cryptography Hardware Engineer
Neha Jain
Senior Cryptography Verification Engineer
Gabriel Tarsa
Senior Cryptography Hardware Engineer
Kevin Law
Senior Cryptography Algorithms Engineer
Dusan Bozilov
Hardware Engineer
Sam Agnew
Infrastructure Engineer
Lalit Miyan
Senior Cryptography Hardware Engineer
Anupam Chahar
Lead Firmware Engineer
John Waymont
Principal Technical Project Manager
Fabrice Mouhartem
Cryptography Researcher

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