Defence & Infrastructure, IoT and OEM

Initially we have focused on the Defence & Infrastructure, IoT and OEM markets, but anywhere there is cryptography PQShield can help, from ready-made and tailored products for secure elements, IoT firmware, PKI, mobile and server technologies, to end-user applications (VPNs, end-to-end encryption for messaging, etc.). Our expert team can also help with risk assessment and solution designs

The quantum threat has been high on the global security agenda for months, with governments and their partners planning their transition to quantum-resistance even before NIST’s standards were announced. In a recent White House fact sheet following the G7 summit, the deployment of Post-Quantum Cryptography was listed as one of the key challenges of the 21st century. 

In January, a White House Memorandum called for US government agencies to identify any encryption not compliant with quantum-proof standards and provide a timeline towards transition. Separately, the French national security agency (ANSSI) recommended the immediate introduction of post-quantum defences throughout the private sector.

PQShield is an algorithm-agnostic vendor, offering size optimised and side-channel resistant implementations of all relevant NIST PQC standards in hardware and software.

Defence & Infrastructure

A nation’s infrastructure includes everything from our defence systems, energy systems, nuclear power, telecommunications and transport to healthcare, finance and government.

Each of these is supported by people, assets, facilities, systems, networks and processes that need to be kept secure. Usually, this critical national infrastructure (CNI) is protected from cyber attacks by a country’s national cyber security centre.

Protecting our sensitive data and critical infrastructure should always be the top priority for CNI decision makers. Our solutions can help them upgrade their hardware (e.g. vehicles, sensors, HSMs) and software (e.g PKI, TLS, VPNs) to become crypto-agile and quantum-resistant.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The world is now more connected than ever before. Critical devices – including some that we never imagined would be remotely controlled – are now a part of a massive network of technologies. This network is not isolated: it is part of the internet. And what could go wrong on the internet…?

Security is not a luxury when it comes to medical devices that transmit sensitive personal information, our connected homes, or the energy infrastructure and smart cities we rely on.

The software and hardware revolutionising every aspect of modern life must also meet minimum security requirements and follow cybersecurity best practice.

Whether it’s for long-lasting confidentiality reasons, or for devices with long lifespans, the ‘security by design’ approach requires us to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges, today.

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OEM & Industrial

The ‘security by design’ approach means that the quantum-readiness of any given product often begins on the whiteboards of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The OEMs’ hardware and software form the backbone of everything from automotive to medical products – and ultimately, these products can only be as secure as their underlying parts.

The growth of manufacturing automation and increased connectivity of end products mean that safety  – traditionally the top priority of both OEMs and Value-Added Resellers (e.g. car manufacturers) – heavily depends on the security design choices of the manufacturing process and tools, as well as the underlying security software and hardware embedded in end products.

Durability, compliance with standards, and quality are highly correlated, and are also the main distinguishing factors between leading OEMs. Long-lifecycle products not only need to comply with current cryptography standards, but also with upcoming ones. This is where we can help.

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