Quantum‐safe cryptography on chips, in applications, and in the cloud

PQShield is a world leader in the development of new cryptography standards. Our researchers and advisory board contributed to all of the first international PQC NIST standards announced in July 2022.

Our solutions are already in the hands of progressive large customers such as Microchip, Collins Aerospace and Bosch.

Our expert team has not only fed into these new global standards, but also developed significant IP for our own solutions and product portfolio:


These research, hardware and software IPs can be combined into use case specific implementations for chips, applications or the cloud.

For example, PQShield can provide the following:

EXAMPLE > Post‐quantum hardware IP > PQSubSys

PQSubSys is a modular Hardware‐Software CoDesign which delivers a post‐quantum secured isolated execution environment, complete with PQC hardware co‐processor, side channel protection, RISC‐V crypto extensions, classical entropy source, AES and SHA2 instructions and firmware support for AES, DRBG, SHA2, HMAC, KDF and Key Wrap.

EXAMPLE > FIPS 140‐3 ready software IP > PQCryptoLib

Our hybrid cryptographic library, PQCryptoLib, was the first ever submitted to be validated by the NIST Cryptographic Module Validation Program for FIPS 140‐3. It consists of a library of modern cryptographic primitives designed with crypto‐agility in mind to help companies transition smoothly and securely to the quantum‐era, e.g., it provides support for classical and hybrid key derivation and for implementation within the TLS key schedule, supporting multiple PQC algorithms as well as many classical schemes.

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As you can imagine, parts of our portfolio are both security and commercially sensitive, so to find out more about how the true experts in post-quantum cryptography can help do please get in touch with your questions and use cases… there is so much to discuss!

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