Secure, Efficient, and Crypto-Agile

We help customers transition their product lines from legacy RSA and Elliptic Curve cryptography to quantum-secure standards by offering ready-made and tailored IP for secure elements, IoT firmware, PKI, mobile and server technologies, as well as end-user applications (VPNs, end-to-end encryption for messaging, etc.).

Initially we have focused on Critical Infrastructure, OEM and IOT markets, but anywhere there is encryption PQShield can help with risk assessment and solution design.

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PQSoC crypto co-processor

Post-quantum Cryptography Hardware for Embedded Devices

Secure elements, smart cards, and embedded security chips form the invisible digital security foundation for our daily lives. Even security professionals do not always know who makes the SIM cards that they trust with their mobile identity, the electronic keys to their car and office doors, or the bank card that protects their money.

PQSoC offers a fully configurable System on Chip design suitable for secure elements, smart cards, and embedded security chips.

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Lightweight cryptography library

Post-quantum Cryptography Firmware for Embedded Devices

Billions of embedded security chips are sold every year, and most of us carry a few wherever we go. However, the industry behind these small but ubiquitous devices will soon undergo a quiet revolution, as the cryptographic standards that underpin their security are updated in response to the threat posed by quantum computers.

PQSlib offers a lightweight post-quantum cryptography library for Embedded, IoT and Secure Elements

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PQSDK cryptographic SDK for mobile and servers

Cryptographic SDK for Mobile and Server Technologies

From browsers to banking, vehicles to VPNs, phones to drones, and databases to IoT, the number of individuals, organisations and devices that connect, communicate, and transact digitally is rapidly expanding. Cryptographically securing our digital information, identity, integrity and infrastructure is critical.

PQSDK offers a modern cryptographic development kit for mobile and server technologies that can protect sensitive information, identities, and cybersecurity infrastructures.

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PQE2E end to end encryption

Encryption Solution for Messaging Platforms and Apps

International businesses routinely rely on Signal or similar products to assist sensitive negotiations if there is a likelihood that a hostile might try to gain a competitive advantage by intercepting communications. Since these technologies are easy to use and their added computational load is not very high, end-to-end encryption is available even in products like WhatsApp, whose users might even not know that they are communicating securely.

PQE2E offers a post-quantum cryptography toolkit for messaging platforms and apps to ensure the privacy and long-lasting confidentiality of sensitive data.

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