PQShield recognises its responsibility towards quality and information security and ensures that the techniques, processes and systems employed in conducting its business are applied effectively to:

  • Ensure that partner and client requirements and standards are determined and met;
  • Ensure that company standards are maintained and regularly reviewed;
  • Ensure that all services provided are fit for purpose;
  • Ensure that industry best practice is implemented whenever achievable;
  • Ensure client customer satisfaction;
  • Provide assurance within the company and to our clients, partners and other interested parties that the availability, integrity and confidentiality of any of their information that is held will always be maintained appropriately;
  • Manage information security risks to company, staff, partner and client information assets;
  • Protect our ongoing ability to meet contractual commitments through appropriate business continuity planning;
  • Ensure compliance with business, legal and regulatory requirements, and contractual security and quality obligations;
  • Maintain awareness of employees so that they can identify and fulfil contractual, legislative and company specific security management responsibilities;
  • Report and act effectively upon actual or suspected security incidents in order to minimise business impact.


To support this approach, PQShield has established a number of policies including a Quality Policy and an Information Security Policy.  Additionally, PQShield is certified to ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and is Cyber Essentials certified.