TNW2020: The imminent reality of the quantum threat to business

Author: Dr Ali El Kaafarani
Topic: Comment, Events, News

Earlier this month PQShield’s CEO & founder, Dr. Ali El Kaafarani, took part in a fascinating panel discussion at The Next Web’s flagship annual conference, TNW2020.

Ali was joined for the panel by RSA Security’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, and by moderator Ria Thomas, Managing Director at Polynia Advisory.

It was an insight-packed discussion, covering everything from why the advent of quantum technology spells trouble for data security across myriad industries, and what practical steps businesses can take to future-proof their sensitive information.

All agreed that quantum machines pose a credible threat, and must be taken seriously by today’s businesses.

As Ali put it on the panel: “Businesses need to understand – is your infrastructure ready for this? Can it handle this?”