Economist: Commercialising Quantum 2022

Author: Dr Ali El Kaafarani
Topic: Comment, Events, News
We are delighted to be part of The Economist Commercialising Quantum 2022 event, 17th – 19th May 2022.
Tuesday 17th May – we’ll be at the in-person event day with a booth where we can meet to discuss all your questions on Post-Quantum Cryptography
Thursday 19th Mayour CEO and Founder, Dr Ali El Kaafarani will be joining a panel with Peter Bordow (Wells Fargo), Dr Lily Chen (NIST) and Dr Itan Barmes (Deloitte):

2:35 pm -3:20 pm BST: is there a quantum advantage in the constant game of security cat and mouse?

What are the consequences as quantum technology enables new ways to secure and hack things? Net positive or negative for the good guys? Don’t panic. Post-quantum cryptography v quantum key distribution: which is the safest bet?

Commercialising Quantum 2022