PQSlib is a library of post-quantum cryptography algorithms designed for ease of use, portability, and small size. It is especially well suited for embedded targets as there are no external dependencies – it works even on “bare metal” targets.

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PQSlib: Components and Features

Lightweight cryptography library

Secure Implementations: Carefully audited code with countermeasures against side-channel attacks.

Interoperability, Drop-in API: Designed specifically to help transition from legacy RSA/ECC to Post-Quantum Crypto.

Broad Microcontroller support: We support most common 32-bit MCUs: ARM Cortex M series, RISC-V, MIPS, others.

Hardware Acceleration Option: Use the same library with PQSoC IP Cores for accelerated math and cipher primitives.

Small and Configurable: Minimal footprint. Choose only the algorithms and features that your application needs.