Riscure and PQShield collaborate on PQC side channel analysis validation

Author: PQShield
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Even when post-quantum cryptography algorithms are mathematically secure, they can potentially be broken by side channel attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the way cryptography is implemented, rather than any flaws in the cryptographic algorithms themselves.

That’s why, before PQC solutions are widely rolled out, it’s critical that side channel vulnerabilities are identified and addressed.

Today, we’ve started work with Riscure, a market leader in side channel analysis (SCA), to evaluate our SCA testing and validation process. PQShield and Riscure will also share knowledge about post-quantum cryptography and its impact on side channel attacks, advancing companies’ and governments’ understanding of how new PQC algorithms can be secured through robust validation and countermeasures.

“Side channel attacks are a serious concern for cryptographers working on quantum-secure solutions,” says our CEO, Ali El Kaafarani. “Not all devices running cryptographic operations provide the same level of assurance, so while many governments have encouraged organizations to upgrade their secure digital infrastructure, this must be tested and validated before it can stand up to the quantum threat.”

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