PQShield appoints ISIT to help organisations in France protect themselves against the quantum threat

Author: Dr Ali El Kaafarani
Topic: Comment, Events, News

ISIT, a company specialising in operational safety and cybersecurity, has been appointed by PQShield, the post-quantum cryptography specialists and global leader in the development of new cryptographic standards, to operationalise and distribute hardware and software-based security solutions based on PQShield’s quantum-secure IP.

Virtually every organisation, government and device in the world relies on public-key cryptography that will be rendered useless by large-scale quantum computers. The vast processing power of these machines will easily solve the mathematical problems underpinning public-key algorithms, putting sensitive information at risk. 

The result could be devastating, with everything from medical records to intelligence, IP, financial transactions and secure end-to-end messaging all exposed to decryption. Threat groups may already be gathering encrypted information unnoticed, with the aim of decrypting it as soon as they have access to sufficiently powerful quantum computers. 

In January, Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’information (ANSSI), France’s primary cybersecurity agency, recommended the immediate introduction of post-quantum defences as part of a broader transition to post-quantum cryptography, which it noted was the ‘most promising avenue to thwart the quantum threat.

This announcement further consolidates PQShield as the only established provider of post-quantum solutions at all stages of the post-quantum cryptography journey. Furthermore, PQShield’s post-quantum cryptography solutions are already currently being used by major industrial groups such as Microchip Technologies and Collins Aerospace.

Frédéric Maraval, ISIT Product Manager, said: “This new partnership with PQShield rounds out our cybersecurity offering. By leveraging PQShield’ post-quantum security solutions, our customers will gain access to an enhanced suite of cybersecurity products and services, enabling them to proactively defend themselves against the threat from quantum computers. With the combined expertise and knowledge of PQShield and ISIT, we will deliver unparalleled security solutions that ensure the resilience of our customers’ critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and digital operations.”

Pascal Sfeir, Sales Director Europe, said: “We are thrilled to partner with ISIT to operationalise and distribute our quantum-safe security solutions based on our world leading IP. ISIT has a great reputation in the industry, renowned for their forward thinking and commitment to cyber defence. Their expertise and proven track record make them an ideal partner as we work together to address the urgent and severe cybersecurity threat faced by businesses today from quantum computers.”

PQShield is a leading contributor to the NIST process to standardise post-quantum cryptography that concludes this summer, and advised on or contributed to all of the algorithms announced in the first group of winners in July 2022.

ISIT Website www.isit.fr/fr/actualite/pqshield-choisit-isit-en-france.php