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Cryptography Architect

Location: Remote (within UK/EU); Some travel to our offices will be required from time-to-time
Department: Engineering

The Company

PQShield is a spinout from the University of Oxford specialising in post-quantum cryptography and cybersecurity. Our mission is to innovate and create solutions for the world’s most imminent security challenge: quantum computers. Our cryptosystems will ensure unparalleled internet security and data protection on a global scale across several industries – keeping us all safe as quantum computing technology develops. 

Headquartered in Oxford, with additional teams across the UK and in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and the US, our quantum-secure cryptographic solutions work with companies' legacy systems to protect devices and sensitive data now and for years to come. We are well-funded and VC backed, having recently closed our $20m series A funding round.

PQShield is a highly innovative deep tech company that considers our people to be our most important assets, and so our core value is to provide them with a work environment that promotes personal and professional growth. Hard work and loyalty are always met with acknowledgement, appreciation, and reward. We promote openness and flexibility, resulting in a friendly, family like environment. 

Our corporate social responsibility centres around making sure our products are used in a constructive and positive way – we would like to think that our products will contribute to the greater good rather than be just another money-making commodity. 

About the role

We are looking for a Cryptography Architect to join our team to help define the next generation of secure Hardware and Software implementations of Post Quantum Cryptography.

As PQShield is an early-stage company, this wide-ranging role will involve managing technical projects in Hardware, Software and Firmware across the company. 

What you’ll be doing

  • Design, implement and analyze post quantum cryptographic algorithms including key exchange algorithms and digital signature schemes
  • Investigate new and future algorithms, research potential implementations and optimization for efficient implementation.
  • Develop Architectural descriptions and models of Post Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms 
  • Interface with the Engineering team, provide specifications for Micro-Architectural planning and implementation.
  • Perform security analysis of Post Quantum and Classical Cryptography implementations
  • Research and propose secure attack resistant (SCA, Fault) implementations of Post Quantum Algorithms.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • PhD or degree in Cryptography, Applied Cryptography, Mathematics or Computer Science
  • 2+ years of work experience or research in the field of Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Knowledge of  Secure Implementations of cryptography
  • Knowledge of Side-channel analysis of cryptographic primitives
  • Theoretical understanding of common side-channel countermeasures
  • Programming skills , C/C++, Python, Mathematics tools

PQShield is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We’re passionate about talent and proud to foster an inclusive environment; all applicants will be considered regardless of their gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and age.

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