Replay: Our CEO at Economist Impact Commercialising Quantum 2022

Author: Ben Packman
Topic: Comment, Events, News

What are the consequences as quantum technology enables new ways to secure and hack things? Net positive or negative for the good guys? Don’t panic. Post-quantum cryptography v quantum key distribution: which is the safest bet?

  • Moderator: Tim Cross, Technology editor, The Economist
  • Peter Bordow, Senior vice president, post quantum cryptography, quantum systems & emerging technology leader information and cyber security – emerging technologies, Wells Fargo
  • Dr Ali El Kaafarani, Chief executive officer and co-founder
  • PQShield Dr Lily Chen, Group leader for cryptographic Technology, National Institute of Standards (NIST)
  • Dr Itan Barmes, Quantum Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte