PQShield sponsors the 2nd Oxford Post-Quantum Cryptography Summit at Oxford University

Author: Dr Ali El Kaafarani
Topic: Comment, Events, News

This September, PQShield will be sponsoring the second edition of the Oxford Post-Quantum Cryptography Summit alongside the National Cyber Security Centre, taking place over four days (4th-7th September) at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, where PQShield founder Dr. Ali El Kaafarani is a research fellow. 

The invitation-only event will bring together top researchers and practitioners in the field of post-quantum cryptography from academia, industry, and different standardisation bodies to deliver rapid feedback on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s recently announced draft post-quantum cryptography standards.

Our team is proud to have worked alongside leaders from the global cryptography community over the past year to help refine the finalist algorithms NIST announced last year in preparation for the eventual standardisation that has now been announced. 

This marks another huge milestone on the transition to a quantum-secure future as once this feedback has been finalised, the draft standards will likely become the global benchmark for quantum-resistant cybersecurity across the world. This means businesses can begin to use these standards as a reliable benchmark when taking inventory of their cryptographic systems and assessing their vulnerability to the quantum threat. 

During the event, NIST’s additional (round1) PQC digital signatures will also be presented. With speeches from PQShield and NCSC and a range of in-person presentations and working groups, it’s set to be an engaging and informative four days. 



Oxford Event Page www.maths.ox.ac.uk/events/conferences/oxford-post-quantum-cryptography-workshop-2023