Cryptography solutions for OEMs

The ‘security by design’ approach means that the quantum-readiness of any given product often begins on the whiteboards of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The OEMs’ hardware and software form the backbone of everything from automotive to medical products – and ultimately, these products can only be as secure as their underlying parts.

The growth of manufacturing automation and increased connectivity of end products mean that safety  – traditionally the top priority of both OEMs and Value-Added Resellers (e.g. car manufacturers) – heavily depends on the security design choices of the manufacturing process and tools, as well as the underlying security software and hardware embedded in end products.

Durability, compliance with standards, and quality are highly correlated, and are also the main distinguishing factors between leading OEMs. Long-lifecycle products not only need to comply with current cryptography standards, but also with upcoming ones. This is where we can help.

Our relevant products are PQSDK, PQSlib, PQE2E, and PQSoC

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