Microchip Mi-V Summit: PQShield briefs developers on new NIST standards

Author: Ben Packman
Topic: Comment, Events, News

Don’t miss out on a seat at the virtual table as our VP of Sales and Business Development, Alan Grau, discusses the new PQC standards and what they mean for designers of IoT and connected devices. Topics include:

  • ​​Implications of the new NIST standards and next steps in the NIST process
  • Overview of the algorithms selected by NIST
  • How engineers can begin migrating to Post Quantum Encryption
  • PQC for platform security
  • PQC for secure communication
  • Overview of PQC solutions from PQShield including solutions for HW (including soft cores for FPGAs) & SW solutions

We’ll also be sharing our new cryptographic Hardware IP module, which utilises a RISC-V core to support the new PQC standard algorithms while also supporting previous RSA and ECC cryptographic standards.

Having contributed to every single one the new NIST standards, we’re uniquely placed to handle the industry’s most pressing PQC challenges – so be sure to reach out to our team with your specific requirements.

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