Data Security is Compromised
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The Problem

Imagine a world in which digital certificates can be forged, secure access to websites is impossible and all
your encrypted communications can be read by governments and commercial competitors.

Now 5 Years
10 Years
15 Years

The Quantum world is nearly upon us and it will cause massive, irreversible damage to our information society.

Predictions for when this becomes a reality range from 5 to 15 years, but businesses cannot sit back and wait for solutions… as their secrets and security infrastructure persist for much longer than this.

We need to act now.

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Our Mission

PQShield is assembling a crack team of cryptographers to solve the world’s most pressing cryptographic challenge: Quantum Computers will break our cybersecurity infrastructure.

As an active participant in NIST’s standardization process, PQShield will produce real-world, high performance implementations of the most effective post-quantum algorithms.

We will shield your data from the attacks made possible by quantum computers.

Management & Specialised Advisory Team

Dr Ali El Kaafarani

Founder & CEO
Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
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Andre Crawford-Brunt

BCom, Commercial Law. Former Managing Director of Deutsche Bank. Former Global Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank
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Prof Liqun Chen

Professor in Secure Systems, Surrey University, UK
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Prof Cas Cremers

Professor at the CISPA Helmholtz Center (i.G.) in Saarbruecken, Germany
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Prof Artur Ekert

Professor of Quantum Physics and Cryptography (Oxford), and CQT's founding Director (Singapore)
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Prof Chris Peikert

Professor of Cryptography at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), USA
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Dr Peter Schwabe

Professor of Computer Security at Radboud University, The Netherlands
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Stay Tuned to What Our Cryptographers and Security Experts Have to Say in Our Blog.

Latest News

PQShield secures £5.5 million in seed funding...

I’m thrilled to announce that PQShield has raised £5.5 million in seed funding from Kindred Capital, Crane Venture Partners, Oxford Sciences Innovation and angel investors including Andre Crawford-Brunt, Deutsche Bank's former global head of equities...
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