Frontier: The Revolutionary European Deep Tech Summit

Author: PQShield
Topic: Comment, Events, News

Frontier is an annual opportunity to connect with key industry players, explore the deep tech world, and discover what the future of emerging technology holds. From investors and executives to startups and scaleups, this event helps businesses of all sizes find capital, meet brilliant minds with matching strategic interests, share ideas and hear from others.

Representing Team PQShield was Snr. Director Engineering Graeme Hickey, who took part in a panel discussing the future of cybersecurity. Topics included upcoming threats – particularly in light of the current political climate – as well as short and long-term cybersecurity considerations for businesses. Graeme also took the opportunity to share how PQShield’s current projects are set to impact the cybersecurity landscape.

Broader in focus than our usual events, Frontier afforded our team the chance to network, assess the wider tech landscape and get a first glimpse at new advancements. With booths presenting everything from AI and semiconductors to renewables and environmental initiatives, it was eye-opening to consider the potential new uses for our technology.

Keynote speeches addressed different fields such as space tech and environmental monitoring. And while at first thought these projects fall well outside our domain, it was interesting to consider just how many elements aligned with our solutions or even overlapped with our initiatives.

With the event geared towards the new generation of tech innovators, we also took the time to offer start-up advice and explain the importance of post-quantum cryptography to a new audience that was less familiar with our specialism.

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