The fabric of our society

A nation’s infrastructure includes everything from nuclear power, telecommunications, transport and health to defence, finance and government. 

Each of these is supported by assets, facilities, systems, networks and processes that need to be kept secure. Usually, this critical national infrastructure (CNI) is protected from cyber attacks by a country’s national cyber security centre. 

These centres are fully aware of the quantum risk to critical infrastructure, and understand that NIST’s upcoming Post-Quantum Cryptography standards will be the best way to mitigate against it

Protecting our sensitive data and critical infrastructure should always be the top priority for CNI decision makers. Our solutions can help them upgrade their hardware (e.g. sensors, HSMs) and software (e.g PKI, VPNs) to become crypto-agile and quantum-resistant.

Our relevant products are PQSDK and PQSoC.

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