Risk Assessment and Solution Design

Traditional public-key encryption methods are retiring soon. New standards have been announced by NIST the biggest change to our cybersecurity infrastructure to date. But it’s not just a standards change. We want this to be a meaningful security upgrade. Having learned a lot from past security pitfalls, this is an opportunity for us all to rethink, redefine, and rebuild security and cryptography solutions that are right from the outset.

We all know that the software used to run the world is vulnerable to hackers, back doors and bad actors. Even worse, with quantum attacks, every bit and byte of data from any organisation, individual or government is left exposed to rapid decryption and widespread dispersal. The products manufactured today have hardware that’s built to last, but security that is not.

The quantum threat has been high on the global security agenda for months, with governments and their partners planning their transition to quantum-resistance even before NIST’s standards were announced. In a recent White House fact sheet following the G7 summit, the deployment of Post-Quantum Cryptography was listed as one of the key challenges of the 21st century.

In January, a White House Memorandum called for US government agencies to identify any encryption not compliant with quantum-proof standards and provide a timeline towards transition. Separately, the French national security agency (ANSSI) recommended the immediate introduction of post-quantum defences throughout the private sector.

We can collectively change this. PQShield is an algorithm-agnostic vendor, offering size optimised and side-channel resistant implementations of all relevant NIST PQC standards in hardware and software. PQShield aims to work together with Defence & Infrastructure, OEM and IOT partners, and a host of other sectors to make this security upgrade smooth and professional.


There is a lot of confusion around post-quantum security and the new standards – we’re here to guide and talk you through it every step of the way.


Existing projects and infrastructure can be expertly and swiftly evaluated for the quantum risk and the crypto-agility of the underlying architecture.


We deliver an end-to-end solution design that is provably secure, crypto-agile, efficient and compliant with international standards (FIPS, etc.).


Working standalone or as part of your wider team, we have the resources and expertise to securely implement and deploy entire solutions for you, end-to-end.